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Great British Bake Off: Mini Cakes

Episode 1: Cakes Recipe (Showstopper Challenge): Mini Cakes So I admit that I was quite intimidated by this challenge. The last challenge of the Cake episode was to make 36 miniature “British Cakes”. I assume that cupcakes are probably a no-go – so off I went to make some cakes! The competitors on the show […]

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Cherry Cake Unglazed

Great British Bake Off: Mary’s Cherry Cake

The next Great British Bake Off Challenge of Episode 1: Cakes Recipe (Technical Challenge): Mary’s Cherry Cake The competitors were given a deliberately vague recipe for a cherry cake and then asked to make the cake. To me, the recipe didn’t seem very vague at all! Granted, I have years of experience of making cakes, […]

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Swiss Roll Slice

Great British Bake Off Challenge: Swiss Roll

I had heard about The Great British Bake Off, but it wasn’t until recently that I finally had time to sit down and watch it. For the uninitiated, the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) is an elimination-style baking competition featuring amateur home bakers. Each episode features a type of baking and each contestant bakes 3 […]

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Strawberry Ice Cream and Jam

Revisiting Summer Strawberries

So I am a few months removed from these original photos, but it seemed like a good time to post them as we are in the midst of a fall rainfall. This past summer, I made my annual trek out to the farmlands to pick strawberries. I went to a farm I have been going […]

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Cracker Jack Ice Cream

Cracker Jack Ice Cream

I have a pretty long commute for work and it’s all on public transportation. As a result, my arrival to work and then later at home, really is at the mercy of the Transit Lords. The Transit Lords giveth and the Transit Lords taketh away. Sometimes they taketh away really hard. I won’t go into […]

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Baked Alaska Top view

Birthday Baked Alaska

I received this birthday cake request last year and I dutifully stored it in the back of my mind under “Cake Requests”. I find it pretty helpful to get requests – I have a good direction of what to prepare and I can explore how to really “kick it up a notch”. For those not […]

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Italian Home Kitchen Blog

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