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Chocolate Berry Mousse Cake

Fred’s Birthday Cake

On the heels of a cake I did for a friend’s birthday in October, I was commissioned to do a cake for a friend’s husband this past week. I really enjoy the process of creating a cake with a lot of creative freedom. Usually I think of the recipient – and the flavours they are […]

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Smore Cake

Another year, another round of birthday cakes. November is usually a tricky month for me – in the past, I’ve made 3 cakes within two weeks for birthdays but with people moving to other cities, etc. I believe I only have one for the first half of November (the second one will be spectacular – […]

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Lemon Bundt

And here we go. Creaky wheels moving now. My visualization is an old industrial factory, a giant rusty gear coming out of retirement, flakes of rust chipping off as it slowly turns into action… I started my new job about three months ago and it’s been quite a steep learning curve. I used to work […]

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Review & Result: Ding Dong Cake

Really, with a name like ‘Ding Dong Cake’, could you go wrong? Ironic that I’m posting this as Hostess is ceasing production on their nuclear weapon-resistant snack cakes. To be honest, I was never really a fan of Ding Dongs, Ho Hos or the infamous Twinkie. The cake itself wasn’t bad, but the fillings just […]

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Raspberries on Zuccotto

A Cake Throughout the Years

It all began around 10 years ago. I don’t remember what inspired me to make this cake. It has such a peculiar and funny  name, “zuccotto”. It’s from a Martha Stewart recipe anthology I purchased many years ago – when she was publishing those books. They were a bound collection of all the recipes from […]

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Blueberry Bundt slice

Blueberry Bundt

Another year, another blueberry bundt cake. This is another recipe that has truly become “a classic”. It’s something I make every year and it’s always delicious. Of course I only make it when it’s blueberry season – which we are well into. And it’s really only for this recipe that I break out the nice […]

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