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Year of Pies – Chocolate Pudding Pie

February – Chocolate Pudding Pie So this month I decided to do another non-fruit, bottom-crust-only pie. As it’s February, I thought I could make something sweet for Valentine’s Day. The plan was coming along quite well, and then…well. The recipe is from Smitten Kitchen’s site – and can be found here. This recipe was similar […]

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Great British Bake Off: Eclairs

Episode 7: Pastry Recipe (Showstopper Challenge): Eclairs When I saw the challenge – I knew I had it in the bag. I could mail it in. I’ve made eclairs! Many times! I am a choux pastry master! No problem. Guess what? I ran into problems. I had made it to this point at a frenetic pastry pace […]

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Great British Bake Off – Kouign Amann

Episode 7: Pastry Recipe (Technical Challenge): Kouign Amann I think the most exciting part of this episode for me, was finding out how to actually pronounce the name of this recipe! In case you were wondering, it’s like, “koo-en ah-maan”, haha. The kouign amann is a pastry with origins in Brittany, France. It’s kind of a sweet laminated […]

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Great British Bake Off: Dobos Torte

Episode 6: European Cakes Recipe (Showstopper Challenge): Dobos Torte Do you know what a Dobos Torte is? Yeah, neither do I. Or rather, neither DID I. I had to do some research to figure out this Technical Challenge. The Dobos Torte is a multi-layered cake with a lot of caramel garnish. The emphasis here is on the caramel […]

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Great British Bake Off: Streusel Brioche

Episode 6: European Cakes Recipe (Signature Challenge): Streusel Brioche I moved onto the “Pastries” episode of the challenge and the first challenge was a yeasted cake dough. Or a sweet bread dough. Most of the competitors made kugelhopfs, but I decided to make a brioche. I think the choices of the competitors and myself do show the […]

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Great British Bake Off: Tiered Pies

Episode 5: Pies Recipe (Signature Challenge): Tiered Pies The last challenges of the Pie episode was to make a multi-tiered pie. So kind of like a wedding cake…but with pies, haha. Immediately I knew I wanted to riff off the concept of a 3 course meal: appetizer, main, and dessert. The competitors on the show did […]

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