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Mini Apple Pie

Great British Bake Off: Mini Apple Pies

Episode 5: Pies Recipe (Technical Challenge): Mini Apple Pies One thing I hadn’t really considered in doing this challenge was the seasonality of ingredients. This recipe is actually for PEARS but as it is in the middle of summer, there are no pears to be found. So apples it is! I found out that there is […]

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Egg Tart

Great British Bake Off: Egg Tart

Episode 5: Pies Recipe (Signature Challenge): (Giant) Egg Tart The one area of baking that I know I could really improve in is actually this episode’s topic – pies! I am actually decent at making a standard pie, but I cannot do crumbles or anything with that kind of “topping”. So maybe it doesn’t really apply […]

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Great British Bake Off: Baked Alaska

Episode 4: Dessert Recipe (Showstopper Challenge): Baked Alaska Ok, so going into this challenge, I knew I had it in the bag. I mean – I made a Baked Alaska last year! I’m an ice cream pro! But the question was how would I take it to the next level? Last year, I made a Baked Alaska […]

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Tiramisu Cake

Great British Bake Off: Tiramisu Cake

Episode 4: Dessert Recipe (Technical Challenge): Tiramisu Cake Continuing along the thread of the last dessert – when the competitors were given this challenge a lot of them were new to tiramisu. This surprised me because in North America, tiramisu is practically a restaurant dessert staple! Granted, it may not always be made with real marscapone, but […]

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Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding

Great British Bake Off: Self-Saucing Pudding

Episode 4: Dessert Recipe (Signature Challenge): Self-Saucing Pudding This episode was really interesting in that it showed me how different the dessert culture is between the UK and North America. I mean, I’ve always known it is different. Of course it is different! But it really manifested itself in this new episode – featuring desserts. The first […]

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Yeasted Chocolate Coffee Cake

Great British Bake Off: Yeasted Chocolate Coffee Cake

Episode 3: Bread Recipe (Showstopper Challenge): Yeasted Chocolate Coffee Cake Full disclosure – I have made this recipe before! (came out really well) Although the majority of recipes I have made were with new recipes, I was actually pretty excited to use a recipe from my own repertoire. It seems that the competitors do get to practice […]

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