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Ken Lum Vancouver Special

Great British Bake Off: Vancouver Special Cookie House

Episode 2: Biscuits Recipe (Showstopper Technical Challenge): 3-D Vancouver Special Cookie House Ahhhh the Showstopper Challenge! To be honest, I have been looking forward to doing the Showstopper challenge since the beginning. The challenge was to create a 3-D cookie, a la gingerbread house and most of the bakers on the show did some sort of ‘scene’. […]

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Great British Bake Off: Florentines

Episode 2: Biscuits Recipe (Technical Challenge): Florentines Another Mary Cherry recipe…and another recipe I have never tried! So this challenge is truly fulfilling the intention of exploring recipe I haven’t tried before. Here is the recipe for your reference: So what is a florentine? (also known as a ‘lacey’ cookie) It’s a mixture of nuts and/or dried […]

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Cookie Decorating_Leanne Painting

Cookie Decorating Party

I had such a great response from my painted cookies – including a shoutout from Bon Appetit themselves! I was featured in their “Cook the Cover” slideshow featuring other bloggers/cooks who were similarly inspired by the December cover – my slide here.  I wanted to do a little holiday shindig – so I thought what […]

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Painted Sugar Cookie

BA Inspired: Cookie Decorating

One of my small joys in life – Bon Appetit = BA. So every once in a while I’ll catch something “BA” (clearly meaning Bon Appetit) and think, “oh how cool! It’s my initials!” In the latest (December 2013) issue, I went gaga over their cover feature – exquisitely PAINTED cookies!! ( I die. I […]

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Multicoloured sugar cookie

Fall Cookies

Ok, so it’s a little ‘late’ for fall. But technically, it isn’t winter for another few weeks. A few weeks ago a friend invited a small group over to her house to do a cookie decorating event. I volunteered to provide the icing…and the cookies. One of the women brought along her two young sons […]

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Blueberries ‘n Cream

Like a bolt of lightening, it struck me. Inspiration! The latest “It” chef of the moment has to be David Chang of the Momofuku restaurant group. Chang has definitely become the hottest commodity in the New York food community, and with the publication of his cookbook – the hottest commodity in the foodie community internationally. […]

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